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About Angela Terry

Angela Terry, climate scientist and commentator

Angela Terry is the founder of One Home: Positive Solutions, the UK's first one stop shop on climate action to provide independent advice on adapting to and preventing global warming.

Angela is an Environmental Scientist with over 18 years' experience in renewable, clean energy, including on-shore wind, hydro, solar and biomass schemes.

She is one of the original pioneers of community renewables, developing numerous schemes including the first wind farm in the South East of England, Westmill Co-op, and raising over £15 million through positive investments from £50 upwards from supportive citizens.

Angela has worked in sustainable forestry as Head of Wood Fuel for the Forestry Commission and contributed to the development of the UK Renewable Energy Strategy, as well as working as a carbon scientist in New Zealand.

Angela's strong belief is that our changing climate is the biggest and yet, at the same time, the most understated issue we face as a society.

Public opinion is undoubtedly in favor of clean energy as are businesses, institution and charities up and down the country. The solutions for a swift and drastic shift to a low carbon economy already exist. What is missing is the will to make the change to protect our way of life. 

Clean energy transition will only happen through leadership. In businesses, schools, communities and councils working in collaboration and with the right determination.



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