Angela Terry

Environmental scientist and commentator, sharing knowledge to save the planet


Angela Terry is the founder of One Home: Positive Solutions, the UK's first one-stop shop on climate action providing independent advice on adapting to and preventing global warming.

Angela is an environmental scientist with over 18 years' experience in renewable, clean energy; including on-shore wind, hydro, solar and biomass (organic) schemes.




Angela regularly appears in broadcast and print media explaining eco science in language everyone can understand.

Knowing what steps to take to save the planet can appear complicated and expensive. As a mum and a consumer Angela can explain the small changes every family can make to cut their carbon footprint and even save money in the process.

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Latest Blog:

Communicating With The Public

The Great British Public are on it. They know we are racing towards climate catastrophe, but they need to know how to help pull on the brakes.

How do they cut through the noise and learn how to adapt to extreme weather that threatens homes and children’s futures? How do they learn which small lifestyle tweaks add up to meaningful change?

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