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Don't make me laugh. Why Hurricanes and Heatwaves are no laughing matter

A heatwave in October is unusual in the UK. A heatwave followed by an ex-hurricane and dangerous winds is bizarre. Yet that is the weather forecast for the weekend. Weird weather has become the norm. It makes for great conversations, photos and headlines but climate change is no laughing matter.

Last night, I spoke with my sister and her voice was particularly husky. Not due to a late night party or a cough or a cold, she was at the airport in San Francisco. Thankfully she was on her way out of a region that is literally on fire.

Time to Talk About the Weather: Downpours, Droughts and Fires

On the 18th of July 2017 a four-foot wall of water rushed through the tourist village of Coverack wrecking homes and businesses, just at the start of the crucial holiday season. Film footage showing an elderly couple rescued from their home by a helicopter was beamed around the world and was reminiscent of similar pictures taken at Boscastle when a flash flood destroyed their village in Cornwall.

Why Women Will Save the World


The campaign slogan for International Women’s Day was Be Bold for Change and no bigger change is needed than to stop climate change: because no one wins in a warming world.


Women have always been at the forefront of the environmental movement. They may not always have high-profile roles but in terms of action, women are consistently the ones who turn out, volunteer, and make the difference.


Cutting Carbon: Cool Gadgets That do Good for You and the Planet

Lists of gadgets pop-up frequently highlighting the best headphones, speakers and cameras. But how about buying gadgets that do good rather than just add to the clutter?

There are now a fantastic range of gadgets that are not only useful but cool, trendy and crucially benefit the Planet:

If President Trump Makes you Feel Powerless and Angry; Take Action


Trump does not believe in Global Warming. Yet, for the first time ever there is global consensus that urgent action is needed to stop burning fossil fuels. Even oil exporting countries like Saudi Arabia have signed the Paris Agreement… thus Trump’s position is entirely ridiculous and women, in particular, have the option to show the way forward.

Food Versus Fuel: Natural allies in the Call for Sustainability

Statistics tell us that people want to support clean energy and local food. Yet they remain a drop in the ocean in their contribution.
Food and energy are key components of our lives and two of the rare commodities we are guaranteed to utilise on a daily basis.

Top ten energy saving tips

An average household spends over £1,300 a year on energy. Save money, stay warm and cut carbon by following top ten tips.



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